How to write absolute value equation from graph in excel

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The Excel ABS function returns the absolute value of a number. Negative numbers are converted to positive numbers, and positive numbers are unaffected. For example, ABS(-3) returns a value of 3 and ABS(3) returns a value of 3, because the ABS function returns a number's distance from zero.

Kutools for Excel collects many commonly-used formulas for Excel users to quickly apply complicate formulas without remember the formula exactly, such as the Sum absolute values formula, Add months to date formula, Add hours/minutes/seconds to time formula, Find the most common value formula, etc.

Click for day free trial! How to find an equation given the absolute value graph? Ask Question. -4 right? and i have another question does this apply to any if given graph and asked to find the equation if it is greatest equation graph?

Microsoft Excel

Writing an equation for a log function given the graph. 5. How to graph this sin equation? 0. For a positive number, the absolute value is the same as the number itself, and for a negative number, it's the number without its minus sign.

An Intuitive Guide To Exponential Functions & e

The absolute value is replaced by surrounding a numeral or variable with two vertical bars. You can often use the "|" to represent an absolute value if you're typing on a computer keyboard.

ABS function

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How to write absolute value equation from graph in excel
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